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Fancourt Giving Back

It is with gratitude that Fancourt extends its CSR funding platform to loyal supporters and friends of the George community. We invite you to pick and pay for a cause close to your heart – we’ll do the rest for you.

Questions, queries or further support, please contact Jenny Streicher, Executive Assistant to Fancourt’s Head Office on 044 804 0066 or via

(+27) 44 804 0066

Rosemoor Old Age Home

This lifeline for the elderly accommodates 98 residents and boasts a dedicated team of over 30 staff members. A diverse staff team from Fancourt visits the Centre every year on Mandela Day to provide residents with entertainment, company, and a hearty lunchtime meal. Ad hoc maintenance, including painting, is also conducted. Throughout the year, our paramount goal is to treat these residents with dignity, and our current focus is on finding a way to supply the Centre with the necessary adult incontinence products they require

George Child Welfare

Initiated by Fancourt’s owner, Sabine Plattner, in 2000, our commitment to the George Child and Family Welfare Society (GCFW) remains a central focus for Fancourt. This local NGO serves as a lifeline for thousands of people living in disadvantaged areas in and around George. Dedicated to providing relief to traumatized families, GCFW operates safe houses for children, addresses child abuse, and offers welfare support for those in need. Their services encompass family therapy, play therapy, crisis support, as well as recreational and educational groups.

Fancourt provides a nutritious meal for the 60 children and teachers of the Blanco Crèche once a week.

Adult Literacy Project

Launched in early 2023, an initiative aims to support illiterate and barely literate adults in the Blanco community, right on Fancourt’s doorstep. Currently, an average of 10 adults attend bi-weekly language and mathematics classes facilitated by an educator from the George Community Education and Training Centre. To encourage attendance at both classes each week, learners receive a R100 Shoprite/Checkers voucher. Plans are already in progress to expand the project in 2024

Stationery Drive 2023

The first-ever Stationery Drive was launched on an e-commerce-style website in November 2019. To date, over 1200 children under the umbrella of George Child and Family Welfare have received stationery and a backpack complete with the supplies needed at the start of each school year. The popularity of the campaign has continued to increase, with generous members, guests, and Fancourt staff actively seeking to sponsor the same child/children as they progress through their school career.


Fancourt is dedicated to exploring avenues for contributing to the conservation of our environment. Over 13,300 square meters of alien vegetation were removed from the property in Fancourt’s previous financial year, and over 700 indigenous trees were planted. Additionally, more than 500 spekboom cuttings were distributed to staff to plant in their local communities, with 100 cuttings planted at various charity locations.