Fancourt's corporate social responsibility endeavours are central to our philosophy of making an unselfish contribution to society. We support the following organisations:


Odzala Rain Forest Project

Odzala is one of these last white spots on the world wide map, a big space of lively rainforest in Central Africa, Congo. For us, Odzala is even more: A nearly untouched piece of world, where so far not too much has gone wrong and one of the last paradises on our planet which we want to take care of and create a blueprint for other precious areas in Africa and worldwide because Odzala has the potential.

Our Mission:

We believe in Odzala. In the people, the land, the awesome opulence of nature and animals. And we believe, that a peace- and successful coexistence of nature, animals and human kind can work. A network of life supporting each other go along together, affiliated respectfully.

In our work, we want to create and link processes. Together with Odzala we want to invest in the future. In the conservation of a rainforest, that donates us the air we breath. Worldwide, Odzala is a unique project, being backed by a strong team.

Odzala? Maybe you never heard about. Not yet. But this will change.

Take a deep breath. Some of the air you breathe is made by Odzala. We believe in Odzala. Do you?